Click here for an important update about 2020 Cub Scout Summer Camps
For the safety of our members, Cradle of Liberty Council-level events and camps will be closed as we continue to evaluate state regulations for reopening.
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Camp Maps

Musser Scout Reservation - located in northwestern Montgomery County - is home to three sub-camps and over 10 miles of hiking trails situated in a 1,400-acre valley of Scouting adventure. Each sub-camp has its own unique charm and personality, perfect for all levels of Scouts to enjoy.

  • Camp Delmont has a rustic feel that is perfect for weekend unit camping and is also home to the Nelson Training Center - the Cradle of Liberty Council’s premier training facilities.
  • Camp Garrison is comprised of three themed-camping locations available for rental from April through October.
  • Camp Hart is the center of the summer camp operation as well as multiple year-round weekend programs.

Below are links to maps of all three camps to help you navigate throughout your stay. Our Reservation Trail Map outlines all of our trails and shows how the three sub-camps are inter-connected with one another to form the larger Musser Scout Reservation.

Two people using a map and compass in the woods